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About Us

Rashtram School of Public Leadership nurtures ‘self-aware’ and ‘civilisationally-assured’ public leaders who are nourished by Indic knowledge traditions and systems of thought.

Rashtram designs and conducts executive learning programmes, engages in research to align institutions with Indic thought, fosters an ecosystem of young leaders in India and abroad, and strategically partners with organisations across the world.

Public Leadership

What is public leadership?

Our vision of Public leadership is rooted in the civilisational ideals of seva and tyaga, and aimed at uniting the jnana, ichcha and kriya skati towards Nation building. We guide and incubate the journey of selfless individuals, who go on to lead various systems and institutions inspired by the spirit of dharma—devoted to the all-round prosperity of our country.

Jnana Shakti: Power of Knowledge

At every turn, thinkers produced ideas that animated the imagination of the people and created hospitable conditions for change. These ideas produce ‘Identity’ that give a sense of purpose and meaning to people – This is the process through which a random collection of a people, become a Nation. In today’s world, this mandate of producing good ideas is given to academia.

Icchha Shakti: Power of Will

Procedural justice is the vehicle that takes the ideas from the minds of a few to the hearts of many. It is this journey that confers legitimacy to the ideas and creates agency in people. Legitimizing right ideas through the creation of agency leads to ‘Stability’ – Guiding this journey and embedding nourishing ideas into the fabric of a Nation is the real job of Politics.

Kriya Shakti: Power of Action

‘Prosperity’ is a function of the energy of people channelized into productive avenues. The mandate for the state should be to create the conditions for Stability in which people can exercise the natural human genius for enterprise and creativity. The lifeblood of Ideas around Identity and Stability needs to flow through the veins of the civil society to create prosperity.

Flagship Programme

The Accelerator Programme focusses on nurturing Academic, Political, & Civil Society Leaders to tackle India’s challenges.

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Rashtram Practices

Practices are designed to further proliferate our vision via research and execution of various initiatives in conjunction with other orgs.

Executive Programmes

Rashtram offers a host of learning programmes to help the new generation take on India’s most pertinent challenges.

Rashtram Journal

Our official publication that highlights issues of national and international importance with an Indic perspective.

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ePolicy BootCamp

Phase 1 of Admissions ends on 8 November.

ePolicy BootCamp (ePBC) is a two-week online bootcamp focused on India’s public policy & governance, leadership and nation-building. It serves as a launchpad for aspiring public leaders, and policy enthusiasts in various domains. ePBC has been carefully designed to deliver holistic learning experience and mentorship to the future leadership of the nation.


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Chhath Puja: The Vedic Festival with Spiritual and Cultural Significance

Chhath Puja is Vedic festival of great cultural and spiritual significance celebrated in Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Nepal and their diaspora across the globe. This festival is about worshipping Sun and Goddess Chhath for bestowing life on planet earth.

Rani Lakshmibai: Courage Personified

The story of Rani Lakshmibai’s life is both unconventional and inspiring. The Rani born in a Brahmin family who was married to a king. She led a historic battle against the British with an army of both men and women.

Bhaai Dooj: Narrative Vs Reality

Bhai Dooj or Bhratri Dwitiya brings yet another joyful day of celebrations during this exuberant festive month. Celebrated all across India and Nepal with varying names and rituals, Bhai Dooj is an avowal of family values and affection between brothers and sisters.


With our journey starting in 2014, we have reached 10,000+ young minds with a wide variety of policy education programmes across the world. From the first programme in May 2015 to May 2020, we have reached 1300+ alumni, coming from 160+ districts of India.

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