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राष्ट्रस्य मूलम् इन्द्रियजयः

Nations are built by leaders who master their senses
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An Indic school for aspiring leaders of the future
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Learn Indic problem solving approaches to solve complex world problems
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Take a confident first step towards a lifelong journey of leadership
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Applications for
PG Diploma In Leadership 2022-23
open now!
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About Rashtram

Rashtram is focused on preparing current and aspiring public leaders to become ‘self-aware’ and ‘civilisationally-assured’ through a systematic grounding in Indic knowledge traditions, Indic approaches to solving complex problems and Indic systems of thought.

Rashtram designs and conducts executive learning programmes, engages in research to align institutions with Indic thought, fosters an ecosystem of young leaders in India and abroad, and strategically partners with organisations across the world.





Being part of (Rashtram’s) Good Governance Yatra gave me the ability to look at various social problems from a public policy lens. (What) I learnt and also saw in action in the Yatra, continues to …

Ishaan Sethi Alumni of Good Governance Yatra, 2016

The idea of bringing people together from so many diverse backgrounds, living together, being present in that activity, 24 hrs, that is something very good. Because, then you can collaborate much better,…

Simi Karan Alumna of Policy BootCamp, 2015

My dream turned into reality after joining VIF as a delegate in PBC17. Shobhit Sir and his team guided me throughout. VIF continues to be a strong pillar of guidance in both my professional and personal …

Ankit Tulsiyan Alumnus of Good Governance Yatra, 2016

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