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What is Rashtram

Rashtram is a School of Public Leadership rooted in the ethos of Bharat i.e. India. Rashtram develops the future public leaders of India

A new paradigm in education

A creative leap in pedagogy

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Bharat was not borne out of a mere political or a social philosophy. Our imagination stems from a spiritual philosophy of 'integral unity' of life , conceived by the peerless rishis in their heightened states of consciousness - A possibility for the divine in the human is at the heart of our 'Identity'. The cultural, social and political design is an extension of this magificient vision of life as a coherent whole. Reinforcing this vision is the work of the gurus or intellectuals in a society.



The life enriching philosophy was never left in the abstract nor was it reserved for a few. The master ideas of the civilization were embedded into the hearts and minds of people through the due process of representation. This was seen as the job of the political leadership



The Indian civilization does not privilege the state over the community. It understands that every community is defined by their unique traditions that ought to respected. This culture of respect created the conditions for people to exercise their innate creativity and build prosperity.

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Rashtram Accelerator is a  public leadership program with strategic focus on 3 key domains – Academic, Political and Social.

The program equips the students to produce authentic work, rooted in the Indic civilizational ethos but firmly focused on the most pressing problems of the future.

The accelerator is a residency where the students live together with mentors and faculty members.

A re-awakened India,
Elevating global consciousness

VIF Team

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Shobhit Mathur
Executive Director

Shobhit worked with at Seattle before coming back to India to pursue his calling. He has worked with full-time with the youth since 2009, lowering barriers for their participation in nation-building. He is the co-Founder and Executive Director of Vision India Foundation. He is an alumnus of Indian School of Business, University of Washington at Seattle and IIT Bombay

Sahil Aggarwal
Honorary Director

Sahil is a graduate from IIT Delhi and did an executive masters in international relations from Jindal Global University. 

Kumar Subham
Director – Exec ed

Subham studied computer science from IIT Delhi. He briefly worked with Samsung after his studies, realized his passion soon, and joined VIF to lead the training programs.

Sanjeev Sirnoorkar
Director - Fellowships

Sanjeev has been working in social development and education. He studied at the Young India Fellowship after which he worked with a Rajya Sabha MP.

Nirmala Samant
Director - Partnerships

Nirmala has worked as a Vice President at Camgemini. Her desire to contribute to social development made her leave a corporate career and join Rashtram.

Raghav Krishna
Director - Curriculum

Raghav worked in the creative industry for a decade and half before switching to Public Policy – He held leadership roles at Electronic Arts, Partygaming plc and General Electric and has a Executive Masters degree in Business from Mcintire School of Business and a PG in Public Policy from Takshashila Institution – He is currently pursuing PHD from Chinmaya Vishwayvidyapeeth and is a student of Indian civilizational thought.



Set in Sonipat, Delhi – The design would reflect our learning philosophy of ‘Living and Learning’ being the same. 

A modern day Gurukul atmosphere where the mentors and students come together in a residency model.

A consecrated space that can foster intellectual curiosity and inspired action.


Rashtram School of Public Leadership is an institute to create future leaders. The journey that this young team embarked 5 years ago has been as humbling as it has been rewarding. Our path took us into the heart of Bharat and we got a glimpse of what our great sages mean, when they say ‘Bharat is Shakti’.

This intimacy with the people of Bharat ignited our minds and hearts with a deep sense of gratitude and inspires us to push ahead and not rest until we realize our dream of living up to the dream of our gurus.

With their monumental vision as the guiding light, we reflected deeply on the work we have done and where we want to head





Rashtram School of Public Leadership, Rishihood Campus, Opposite Devilal Park, G.T. Road, Sonipat, Delhi NCR 131021

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