Flagship Programme

Accelerator Programme

Rashtram’s mission is to produce ‘self-aware’ and ‘civilisationally assured’ public leaders – the Accelerator Programme is how we intend to do it.

Rashtram Accelerator is a one-year residential programme hosted on our campus in Delhi NCR. Rooted in the ethos of Bharata, the programme is firmly focused on nurturing leaders to solve the most pressing Indian and global problems.

The Accelerator Programme is designed to help manifest the ‘perfection inherent in each of us’. The elements of Swadhyaya and mentor guided Samvada help discover your Swadharma, aligned to your Swabhava. The programme aims to give a form and flight to your moral imagination and intellectual curiosity by crystallising and accentuating your physical, emotional, cognitive, intellectual and social intelligences. The participants live on campus along with mentors and faculty for a continuous learning experience. Rashtram also provides incubation for social entrepreneurs, and encourages its Learners to give form to their ideas.

Upon completion of the programme, Learners will earn a PG Diploma in Public Leadership.

  • 1-Year Residential Programme
  • 3 Domains: Academia, Politics & Civil Society
  • World Class Faculty
  • Meta-Skill Based Curriculum


If you’re a change-maker with deep devotion and drive to help rebuild this nation, this is the right programme for you. India needs more coherence amongst these three domains of public leadership for sustainable change. Apply for Accelerator and begin your journey in public leadership.

Indic Knowledge Systems

Just as the eyes light up the physical world before us and guide all our activities, vidya (knowledge) shows us the true nature of the various phenomena of life. It thus helps us to make informed choices to achieve our objectives. Consequently, the Indian tradition regards vidya as purushartha sadhana: the means for realising the human potential. The tradition has bequeathed to us a knowledge system that is vast in its range and pertains to various levels of thinking. Ranging from the most outward form of knowledge, the applied sciences of Upavedas systematises the practices of fine arts, medicine, polity and weaponry to the life-giving vision of the Darshanas, Puranas and Dharmashastras, the auxiliary sciences of the Vedangas, and the profound but cryptic meditations of the Vedas, the entire gamut of knowledge is mapped into 14 or 18 different fields. The Yajnavalkya smṛti mentions 14 fields of knowledge, the chaturdasavidyasthanani.

Rashtram School of Public Leadership draws from this rich source of Indic Knowledge Systems and channels it into a seamlessly integrated Accelerator Programme to nurture civilisationally-assured leaders for India.



One of the Niyamas defined by Patanjali, Svadhyaya is the time provided for personal study, meditation, higher-level reflection, as well as performing practical tasks such as completing assignments and preparing for presentations and discussions.


Samvada refers to an elevated form of debate and discussion, where the objective is to uncover the truth and dispel doubts, rather than argue and win. Every day there will be time allocated for discussions that will be guided by our mentors. These sessions will help hone the skills and let the ideas take root in the minds of the learners.


Our traditions and culture still thrive across the length and breadth of this land – where the Gitopadesa was given, where the innumerable saints, poets, gurus live and realise the one, all-pervading truth of existence; that land must be experienced in its raw beauty and spirit. A short term travel programme will help the learners take in the spirit of our native land, which has given rise to the oldest, continually existing culture in the world.

Public Leadership
Jnana Shakti
Ichha Shakti
Kriya Shakti

What is public leadership?

Our vision of Public leadership is rooted in the civilisational ideals of seva (service)  and tyaga (sacrifice), and aimed at uniting the three shaktis i.e. jnana (ideas or wisdom), ichha (will) and kriya (action) shakti towards Nation building. We guide and incubate the journey of selfless individuals, who go on to lead various systems and institutions inspired by the spirit of dharma – devoted to the all-round prosperity of our country.

Jnana Shakti: Power of Knowledge

At every turn, thinkers produce ideas that animate the imagination of the people and create hospitable conditions for change. These ideas produce ‘identity’ that give a sense of purpose and meaning to people – this is the process through which a random collection of a people, become a Nation. In today’s world, this mandate of producing good ideas is given to academia.

Icchha Shakti: Power of Will

Procedural justice is the vehicle that takes the ideas from the minds of a few to the hearts of many. It is this journey that confers legitimacy to the ideas and creates agency in people. Legitimising right ideas through the creation of agency leads to ‘stability’ – guiding this journey and embedding nourishing ideas into the fabric of a Nation is the real job of politics.

Kriya Shakti: Power of Action

‘Prosperity’ is a function of the energy of people channelised into productive avenues. The mandate for the state should be to create the conditions for stability in which people can exercise the natural human genius for enterprise and creativity. The lifeblood of ideas around identity and stability needs to flow through the veins of the civil society to create prosperity.


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Admission Process

Steps to apply


candidates should submit an online application by clicking on ‘Apply Now’ button



application review within 4 weeks of submission and communication of application status



the candidates who have cleared the first round screening will have to appear in the group interview round



selected candidates should pay the programme fee within 30 days of receiving the confirmation email



admissions will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis until the maximum intake.





  • IncubationRashtram provides direction and support to the ideas of learners and help them pilot projects on the ground through various means.
  • Work With UsAs Rashtram embarks in the pursuit of a vision of public leadership rooted in our civilisational ideals, we help translate this into systemic impact by taking up projects and providing consultation to governments and private sector organisations. There would be several opportunities through these initiatives, where our learners can continue to work with us after they graduate.
  • Work With Our PartnersRashtram has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with several leading academic institutions in India and across the world. These include The Matsushita Institute Government and Management - Japan, Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyalaya - Kerala, Himalayan Institute of Alternatives for Ladakh and so on. See the full list of our partners at rashtram.org/partners.
  • Work Beyond The Rashtram NetworkThere are opportunities available for Rashtram learners beyond our network, with a vacuum of public leaders awaiting to be filled - as thought leaders, social leaders and political leaders.
  • ResearchThere is an acute need for the deployment of new paradigms that are built upon Indic Knowledge Systems. Learners who successfully complete their MA in Public Leadership can opt to pursue these streams of higher research where they are involved in designing new frameworks based on IKS, as well as applying these IKS frameworks in solving the problems of the global commons.

Are you a future public leader of India?