Rashtram caters the enduring journey of a nation Builder through knowledge dissemination, expansion and creation. The diversity and sustained association assist the leaders to procure their purpose of life. In the selfless journey of Individuals, sharing of experiential knowledge, enriched network and interest groups are impetus to bring in change to become a self aware and civilisationally-assured society.

Since 2014, we have touched 15,000+ young minds with a wide variety of policy education programmes across the world. Some of these programmes are full-time programmes. The participants who graduate from these programmes become our Alumni. From the first programme in May 2015 to this day, we have so far nurtured 1600+ Alumni from 150+ districts of India.


Nation Builders from Diverse Backgrounds

Our Alumni come from various walks of life and have gone on to become agents of change in numerous sectors. By investing in young individuals from diverse backgrounds, we focus on systemic, long-term reforms by working on public policy, governance and institutional frameworks of the nation.


Exclusive Alumni Benefits

Change Agents Network

CAN brings together local activists, student leaders, politicians, academicians, and scholars who are seeking sustainable change in our society.

Alumni Webinars

Every month a host of webinars are produced by Rashtram to further foster knowledge transfer and help alumni better network with each other.

Career Support

Rashtram helps all its alumni connect with various organisations in different sectors for internship and employment opportunities.


Nation Building Activities

…due to the lack of quantifiable metrics, it is not easy to measure the progress of the Rashtram’s mission. Given this limitation in identifying the intangible impact on alumni, we have attempted to define our success as the success of young changemakers. We have kept our focus on providing/arranging possible assistance in their respective life journeys.

Shobhit MathurDean at Rashtram

Alumni Impact Report 2017

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Alumni Impact Report 2019

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Alumni Impact Report 2020

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The Alumni Committee was founded in 2019. The objective was to ensure better engagement with Alumni so that there is a good understanding of their needs and thus better support by the organisation. The committee consists of a Core Team and two sub councils – Sectoral and Zonal. The Core Team works closely with the Rashtram team and presides over various functions of the Sectoral and Zonal Council.

Central Committee

Viraj Gada


Vinay Venkatraman

Programme Vice President

Shweta Singh

Sector Vice President


What Alumni have to say about us

Being part of (Rashtram’s) Good Governance Yatra gave me the ability to look at various social problems from a public policy lens. (What) I learnt and also saw in action in the Yatra, continues to give me inspiration whenever I am confronted by an enigma.

Ishaan SethiAlumni of Good Governance Yatra, 2016

The idea of bringing people together from so many diverse backgrounds, living together, being present in that activity, 24 hrs, that is something very good. Because, then you can collaborate much better, move forward.

Simi KaranAlumna of Policy BootCamp, 2015

My dream turned into reality after joining VIF as a delegate in PBC17. Shobhit Sir and his team guided me throughout. VIF continues to be a strong pillar of guidance in both my professional and personal lives to achieve success and contribute towards nation-building.

Ankit TulsiyanAlumnus of Good Governance Yatra, 2016