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The Life & Works Of
Shri Ram Swarup

Shri Ram Swarup was one of the greatest Hindu thinkers of the last century. This course is an introduction to his work and life, leading learners to a better understanding of India and its place in the world. 

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Shri Ram Swarup was one of the greatest Hindu thinkers of the last century. Bringing core dharmic insights from his experiences in sadhana he reversed the gaze and gave us a critique of Prophetic Monotheism from the dharmic point of view. His critique of Islam, Christianity and Communism is still the best and the most succinct. He also tried to understand the Islamic mind from within. He explained yoga, sadhana and related practices in a language that contemporary Indians understand. He gave us a dream of taking Sanatana Dharma on to the international stage and to re-establish it as a universal tradition.

The youth of today needs to read and understand the work of Shri Ram Swarup Ji, published by Voice of India, in order to have a correct understanding of who are we, and who are our friends and enemies on a civilisational scale. This course is an introduction to the work of Shri Ram Swarup Ji, discussing most of his works in short and leading on the learners to a better understanding of India and its place in the world. 

Who should enrol for the course?

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Young Thinkers

Young thinkers committed to the understanding of Hindu dharma and society have much to take away from the spiritual sensemaking and intellectual insights of Shri Ram Swarup. The course will enable them primarily to recognise the distinction between Indic faiths and their Abrahamic counterparts, along with identifying the interrelated and overlapping sets of allies and adversaries to the existence, struggle, and survival of each of these civilisational factions.


Scholars studying comparative religion, cultural anthropology, sociology, and political science will immensely benefit from the crystal clear comprehension of Hindu dharma and society as presented by Ram Swarup.


Activists keen on protecting the integrity of Bharatbarsha and its civilizational basis of Sanatana dharma will be able to grasp the fundamental philosophical concepts and the worldview of Hinduism and know the allies and adversaries of the existential struggle of the Sanatanis. The course will better prepare them to face the intellectual battles ahead in their career.

Linguists & Language Scholars

Researchers working in the field of linguistics will benefit from the discussions on etymology and propagation of cultural influences through language as presented by Shri Ram Swarup.

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Takeaways from the short course

Purva Paksha Of The West

There is a vital need for conducting a Purva Pakshik analysis of the West – its culture, institutions and religions. This course, through the works of Shri Ram Swarup, will attempt to evaluate Islam and Christianity from an insider perspective.

Unified Dharmic Outlook

The end goal of Indic spiritual traditions like Hinduism and Buddhism is moksha or self-liberation, whereas Islam and Christianity rely heavily upon the virtues of obeying God’s command and thus earning His favour and goodwill. The worldview and the belief systems of the Indic and the Abrahamic religions are thus starkly different. This course, through the wonderfully concise and simple works of Ram Swarup, will attempt to understand the disparity between the two traditions.

Understand Hinduism

The yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism are completely different from Islam and Christianity. This course, through the wonderfully concise and simple works of Ram Swarup will attempt to understand the fundamental differences between the two traditions.

Understand Islam

It is often claimed by adherents of Islam that non-followers do not understand the nuances of their religion. This course is an attempt to get an insider view of Islam by analyzing the foundational texts of Hadith and the Quran.

Official Rashtram Certificate

A ‘Certificate of Participation' will be given to all delegates provided that they have attended at least 75% of sessions.

Course Curriculum

What you'll learn in each lecture

Lecture 1: Inverting the Gaze: A Dharmic Critique of Islam and Christianity

Studying the purva paksha of the two religions in his books like ‘Hindu View of Christianity and Islam’ and ‘Hinduism and Monotheistic religions’.

Lecture 2: The Mind of the Other: An Insider View of Islam

Understanding the true nature of Islam and Prophetic Monotheism and how the Muslim mind works, primarily through his most famous work ‘Understanding Islam through Hadis’.

Lecture 3: Gender and Religion: Putting Islam through the Human Rights Scanner

This lecture will delve into the issues of gender, politics and Islam as taken from the work ‘Women and Islam’.

Lecture 4: Communist Threat to Hindu Society

Studying the early works of Ram Swarup in which he analyses the nature of communism and how it can disturb Indian society and culture by weakening it from within. Works like Gandhism and Communism (1954) and Foundations of Maoism (1956) will be discussed.

Lecture 5: Hindu-Buddhist Relations: Marking the Boundaries in Dharma vs. Religion War

Studying the similarities, problems and conflicts expressed in ‘Hindu-Buddhist Rejoinder to Pope John-Paul II on Eastern Religions and Yoga’ and ‘Buddhism vis-a-vis Hinduism’.

Lecture 6: Hindu-Sikh Relations: Two Traditions

This lecture will cover the doctrinal similarities and differences between the two traditions and will discuss where Shri Ram Swarup places Sikhism on the religious divide.



Lecture 7: On Hinduism: Looking upon Ourselves

Studying our own tradition, religion and culture through the most universal of concepts and practices as explained in ‘On Hinduism: Reviews and Reflections’.

Lecture 8: Sanatana Dharma and Pagan Religions of the World

Ram Swarup envisioned a world where the pagan, polytheistic religions would come together under the Hindu umbrella. This lecture will study how the pagan traditions of the world can be revived and how Hindu Renaissance can happen as gleaned from his great work ‘The Word as Revelation: Names of Gods’.

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