Vāde vāde jāyate tattvabodhaḥ

– a clear understanding of the truth emerges out of respectful discourses held between the learned ones. 

Eager to build upon existing discourses or launch fresh ones on matters of critical civilisational importance? Let your thoughts reach the right audience through the Rashtram Blog

We are inviting submissions in the following categories:

  • Opinion PieceBuild factual arguments, drawing from your own expertise or experiences, written in a first-person active voice.
    A typical ‘op-ed’, or an opinion piece, appears in print/electronic media on the opposite side of the editorial page. Written op-eds run up to 1000 words, but we are open to publishing longer ones too.
  • CommentaryWeigh in on the most recent and prevalent social, economic, and political issues of the day. Share your unique perspectives, in a nuanced manner, on a range of topics, starting from the Hijab-row to the ensuing Russia-Ukraine conflict.
  • Longform ArticleEngage critically with debates, events, and theories that impact the course of our civilisation and our country – we encourage submissions of longform essays/articles which take a deep dive into Indic civilisational topics, Public Policy-related subjects, as well as general cultural issues that hold significance for the growth and flourishing of our nation. Publish original research output in the field of science, humanities, fine arts, technology, politics, and culture.

In addition to the written word, we encourage submissions of audio-visual content, illustrations or graphical representations in all aforementioned categories.


We would like to impress upon you that submissions made to us cannot be used on other platforms. However, your articles, once published on our platform may be re-published with an acknowledgement and hyperlink to the original source.


Rashtram Blog is a space for original article submissions that are free from plagiarism. We encourage you to cite your sources under “References” at the end of an article by following APA in-text citation guidelines.

Spelling and Grammar

We intend to standardise the grammar and spelling of our content by adhering to the UK English style guide. You can achieve this by adjusting your language preference to ‘UK English’ on Microsoft Word or Google Doc.


Mail us your submissions at editors@rashtram.org in a Microsoft Word or Google Doc file, with additional media (image, audio and video) files as attachments. We will be sure to get back to you within 3-5 business days.