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At Centre for Cultural Leadership, our goal is to provide a cultural commentary with dharma at the centre, speaking on issues most fundamental to our civilisation and our continued existence in the future. This commentary will not be in a form of reaction over events, incidents and idea. Instead it will be a primary engagement with the lived realities of Bharatvarsha, making sense of Bharatvarsha’s and Hindu dharma’s place in the world in modern times. The anchor will be Sanatana dharma, the vantage point from which the world will be viewed. 


How to Become a Superpower – Inside the ‘Great Game’ – 1.1

To the Indians in 21st century it might seem a little odd to hear, that for around five centuries, the supreme prize for which the great powers of the West fought for was: India. India, the jewel in the crown of the British Empire was the place everyone wanted to control.
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Editor’s Note – 0.0

Politics in almost all cases responds to cultural trends, following the direction that culture points at. Any change which does not have its mooring in culture can be undone very easily when politics changes, but a transformation which is rooted in culture will make it impossible for politics to ignore it. That is why the...
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