At Rashtram, our vision is ‘Lokasamgraha’ and our approach towards working this idea is to connect authentically with the Indic Knowledge Systems and creatively combine them with thought and action models from the rest of the world. This vision has given shape to 6 key areas of focus and intervention –
the Rashtram Centres.

Image Source : Hodgson – A Transdisciplinary World Model, 2011

Indic Academy-Rashtram Centre for Cultural Leadership

Director: Dr. Pankaj SaxenaLearn More

Centre for
Regenerative Development

Advisor: Suparna DiwakarLearn More

Centre for Strategic & Foreign Relations

Manager: Sagar ChourasiaLearn More

Centre for Civilisational Studies

Director: Sreejit DattaLearn More

Centre for Innovation in Governance

Director: Prashant SinghLearn More

Centre for Wellness & Wellbeing

Director: Dr. Mala KapadiaLearn More