Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this programme for?

This programme is for everyone in the teaching profession.

2. What are the key topics covered in the programme?

Personality connect with teaching/learning styles, basic concepts of psychology, ayurvedic profiles and their corresponding personality types and their unique patterns, creating engaging techniques for classroom, basic concepts of emotional intelligence and wellbeing-centered teaching and learning.

3. How is this FDP different from others?

This FDP blends concepts from ayurveda and psychology to allow teachers to look at themselves and their learners in a new light, reconstruct the curriculum for holistic development of learners, to be creative in designing assessments for students with different learning styles. This programme will help teachers work in teams and collaborate with others in the department better.

4. How will this programme help me become a better teacher?

When teachers understand themselves and their learners deeply, and what determines or motivates a learner’s behaviours, approaches and hurdles, they can address them with better clarity and confidence. This programme offers an opportunity for teachers to interpret and deconstruct challenging personalities, situations, behaviours that hinder learning and co-create environments that nurture and assure learners.

5. Do I need to have prior knowledge of ayurveda and psychology?

No. There is no prior knowledge of ayurveda or psychology required as participants will explore and learn them together with their peers in this programme.

6. What will the customized PDP have?

The personal development plan (PDP) will have the various ayurvedic profiles or Prakruti that exist, their specific attributes, tendencies etc. and information on when they are in and out of balance. The assessment of their personality type, personal health and wellbeing enhancing daily habits, plans that can augment their teaching skills, their emotional intelligence is some of the components of the customized PDP.

7. Is this a certificate programme?

Yes. It is a certificate programme, awarded by the Rashtram School of Public leadership. In Level I, participants will receive Certificate of Participation. In Level 2, participants will receive Facilitator Certificate to be able to conduct this programme on their own. 

8. Do you provide post programme support to participants and how long would this be?

One month of post programme support is provided after Level I. After Level II, one year of coaching support will be given via monthly online group meetings.

9. If I wish to delve deeper into the subject, what opportunities do you offer?

We offer eFDP at Level II, where topics will be explored in greater depths, and learners are trained to become trainers themselves to offer programme insights to their own peers, institutions etc.

10. Do you offer career opportunities after the programme?

No. This programme does not offer career opportunities. It focuses on augmenting your existing teaching career, thereby presenting ways for you to enhance your skills and grow in the profession.

11. Are scholarships available?

Yes, scholarships are available although this would be limited and on a case to case basis. For more information on scholarships, do write to us with your full profile and reasons for seeking scholarship.

12. Is there an assessment for the programme?

The assessment for Level I will be creative assignment and surprise knowledge teasers.