Fees & Scholarships

Fees & Scholarships

The program cost including tuition, hostel, meals, program travel, etc. is ₹6,00,000. To enable students from all backgrounds to apply and become future public leaders, we have extensive scholarships.


All the applicants will receive some amount of scholarship, depending on merit and means:

  • 20% of the batch will receive a 90% scholarship
  • 30% of the batch will receive a 75% scholarship
  • 30% of the batch will receive a 50% scholarship
  • 20% of the batch will receive a 25% scholarship


Important information regarding fees and scholarships:

  • The fee, after deducting scholarships, has to be paid at the time of admission
  • Scholarship decisions are taken at by the scholarship committee


How to fund your studies?

  1. Start saving so that you have funds for your learning and growth
  2. Apply for scholarships at the time of your application
  3. Apply for a bank loan if you do not receive sufficient scholarship
  4. Rashtram provides a Letter of Recommendation for you to raise more funds for your studies in case the existing scholarship is insufficient for you.

Rashtram School of Public Leadership produces ‘self-aware’ and ‘civilisationally assured’ public leaders who are nourished by Indic Knowledge traditions and systems of thought. The specific focus of the school is to prepare leaders in three domains - Academia, Politics, and Community.


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