2nd Edition

Good Governance Compendium

GGC 2.0 is a compilation of thirty-five exemplary case studies in India, compiled and edited by Rashtram School of Public Leadership. Our learners comprising of young professionals have visited the documented governance models in the five editions of our experiential learning programme called the Good Governance Yatra. 


The objective of this compilation is to make citizens aware of how governance is driven and how large projects are implemented. How different aspects work differently in a model. The idea behind this compendium is not only to share best practices but to motivate and give a headstart to people who want to structure government or non-government models at various levels.

The parameters for analysis of these models were identified under the guidance of senior policy and governance experts including Sh. Arun Maira and Sh. Jayaprakash Narayan.

Sh. Jayaprakash Narayan has written the foreword for the book.

The GGC 2.0 Launch With Sh. Suresh Prabhu

A Short Message By Sh. SURESH PRABHU on Governance and Public Leadership.

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