Rashtram Logo

“I am the Peepal tree among the trees” - Sri Krishna, Bhagwad Gita 10.26

अश्वत्थ: सर्ववृक्षाणां

The logo of Rashtram is the leaf of a Peepal Tree ( Ficus Religiosa ) in a symmetric decagon (10-dimensional polygon).

In India, sacredness is seen in every aspect of creation. The trees are especially venerated due to their life-giving nature. The Peepal tree is native to India and has a special significance – helping ascend from material to spiritual. Since time immemorial, the sages of India meditated under the Peepal tree. Siddhartha meditated under it and became Buddha, the self-realised. The Peepal tree is an integral part of Indian life. Across the country, people still gather each day under this tree, and discuss matters of the community. It is also found on the medallion of India’s highest civilian award – Bharat Ratna.

The leaf of the Peepal tree in the Rashtram logo represents the aspiring public leaders who are preparing for life at Rashtram. In the Indic tradition, Dasa-Dikpala are the guardian deities of the 10 directions. We hope that the leaders who emerge from Rashtram will be rooted in the ethos of this great land and will go out in all directions protecting it, while fostering prosperity and well being.