MA Careers


Rashtram is a leadership school. Unlike a typical degree, Rashtram is not driven towards a generic ‘job’. We are invested in the success of our learners and support them in ways beyond job placements. A Rashtram Learner will envision a journey of career advancements to get into leadership roles.

We provide the following support to aid a Learner in their Journey:

  1. Networking with relevant organizations to find career opportunities
  2. Recommendations to suitable openings in our networks
  3. Interactions with guest speakers who visit the campus
  4. Huge alumni and speaker network of VIF who are looking for talented and committed change agents
  5. Resident mentors at Rashtram are experienced faculty who personally handhold the learners for their careers
  6. Lifetime mentorship and network even after graduating from Rashtram
  7. Internships and projects according to career interests


Careers in Public Leadership

The program is for learners who want to pursue a research-related career. Following are natural career positions for our scholars:

  1. Researchers in think-tanks in India or abroad
  2. Policy experts in multilateral organizations, non-profits, government organizations, quasi-government organizations
  3. Faculty members in academic institutions
  4. Consultants in multinational consulting companies, impact consulting, grant-making organizations, boutique consulting firms etc.
  5. Policy experts or spokesperson at political organizations
  6. Journalists and editors at media organizations
  7. Academic entrepreneurs such as authors, public intellectuals, social entrepreneurs, etc.

Organizations Our Alumni Work


Rashtram incubates it’s graduating learners and alumni. Through VIF fellowship, we have incubated more than 20 young leaders so far and the support will continue for Rashtram graduates

As a Rashtram learner, you will be eligible for:

  1. Financial grants for project/research
  2. Mentorship and Networking
  3. Office space at Rashtram Campus

So far, we have provided grants of more than Rs 2 crores for field work and research.