Master of Arts in Public Leadership

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MA in Public Leadership

MA in Public Leadership is a research-oriented masters programme in public leadership. Through interdisciplinary coursework and research, scholars are encouraged to study public issues and use Bharata’s civilisational wisdom to design solutions for the world’s contemporary challenges.

The programme is for those who want to pursue a doctorate or research-oriented careers in academia, think-tanks, governance or consulting.

The admitted students will take course work in the first year and progress to guided research work in the second year.

Why Masters in Public Leadership?

MAPL is a programme for people who want to make a thought-driven contribution to public life. The programme emphasises a leadership journey at all three levels, i.e. individual (leading self, building integrity of thought and action), institutional (producing thought and research, guiding institutions), and societal (engaging citizens).

The foundation is laid in the first year through course-work and field-work. The final year is spent on research or extended projects.

The programme is relevant to you if you relate to the following questions:

  • Are you driven by intellect and want to solve public issues?
  • Do you think our civilisational wisdom is a keystone to comprehensively answer contemporary problems?
  • Do you want to bridge the divide between thought and action?
  • Are you looking for an authentic immersion to find and pursue your purpose?

Programme Details

Application Deadline: 30 June, 2020

Duration: 2 Years (August 2020 to May 2022)

Fee: Rs 2,50,000 per year including Housing & Dining