Decluttering public policy

No longer confined to the rarefied environments of institutes and think-tanks, public policy is now a part of our everyday lives. Furthered by traditional and digital media, this widespread interest in the world of policymaking has resulted in ubiquitous conversations, discussions and debates. It has never been more important to earn your opinion through an informed understanding of public policy.

Nitishaala, our two-day customizable public policy programme, is designed to give students and working professionals of diverse backgrounds with a solid understanding of public policy. Through a bespoke curriculum tailored for your organisation’s needs, Nitishaala will provide the participants with a ground-up understanding of public policy and frameworks that form an essential part of any policymaker’s toolbox.

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We engage with faculty and senior students, or management and employees,  to understand their learning needs and objectives


We create a curriculum comprising conceptual frameworks, governance cases, exercises, workshops, practitioner talks and more


We conduct a rigorous requirement study and learning needs analysis to optimise the learning process

Learning Outcomes

Nitishaala will make you


the processes involved in policy making and evaluating its impact


the ideas, mechanisms, practices and outcomes that shape policies


confident about your understanding of public policy

We have created two levels of Nitishaala

Changes to the curriculum and sessions can be made to suit the requirements of your college or company.

Basic Level

For student pursuing any field of study at the undergraduate/ masters’ level

University Students & Scholars

Who wish to take up full-fledged careers in development studies and governance.

Public policy enthusiasts

Who wish to get first-hand exposure to the policy domain

Advanced Level

For working professionals or a student with basic knowledge of public policy and governance.

Aspiring Change-Makers

who are having either academic background or work experience in the area of public policy, politics, or civil societies.

Public Policy Professionals

who wish to get enhance their knowledge of the policy domain.

Dynamic Professionals

who want to explore and enter the area of public policy and governance.


Our Past Edition(s)

Impact so far


Minimum duration of Nitishaala is of two days covering various topics in 15+ hours


A certificate of participation will be awarded by Rashtram to participants upon successful completion of the programme.

Testimonials And Reviews

What our Participants have to say about us

Dr. Pradip Swarnakar

Associate Professor of Sociology, IIT Kanpur
"The programme led to many insightful deliberations for policymaking challenges in a diverse nation that, I am sure, has given a new direction to the students of this institute. It has been a great learning experience for the students of IIT Kanpur and we look forward to more such collaborations in future."

Neelima Singh

IIT Kanpur
"Rashtram NItishaala provides us with some great insights in policy making and its implementation. What I find really good about Rashtram is that the sessions are very interactive in nature and include practical experiences such as negotiation workshops. Policymaking is explained by the actual policymakers such as the bureaucrats of the country and these policies play a key role in nation building. This Nitishaala is definitely worthwhile."

Shaswat Gupta

IIT Kanpur
"I really got to learn a lot about policy making here. The deep real-world illustrations and policy making art from our Holy Indian Scriptures were fascinating. I now feel equipped to understand policies made by our leaders and understand their perspective ; thanks to Rashtram Nitishaala bootcamp."

Shubhankari Rai

IIT Kanpur
"Rashtram Nitishaala certainly opened a window to see the 'policies' and 'Idea of Development' conspicuously. It was an wholesome session in which we got ourselves acquainted with the political terms we're earlier using skeptically that made our foundation strong, seeing the world through our rich history followed by different narratives provided a greater insight and paved the way to envision a required policy.”

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