7th Edition | 26 June - 11 July, 2021 | 16 Days

Policymaking for Emerging Technologies

PET 2021
Your Launchpad to a Career in Policy & Governance

*Last Date to Apply for Scholarships is 30 April, 2021.

*Once you submit your details, the brochure will be mailed to you along with the application form.

Policy BootCamp (PBC) is a 16-day residential summer school focused on public policy, governance and leadership. It serves as a launchpad for aspiring public leaders, and policy enthusiasts who want to build a career in nation-building. Interact with the nation’s top policymakers, politicians, bureaucrats, and media personalities and learn first-hand from their experiences.

Your experience and learnings at PBC will enable you to understand the tradeoffs involved in the design of national policies and institutions; the influence of factors like political parties, policy ideas, information technology, and globalisation.

Domain Knowledgedge

Deepdive into conceptual foundations in technology, philosophy and policy necessary to confidently engage with the most pressing technological questions of our time.

Regulating Emerging and Disruptive Tech

Conventional policy approaches are insufficient to deal with the new challenges posed by disruptive technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain and genetic engineering. Learn a new paradigm of adaptive policy making with a toolkit of regulatory approaches.`

Interdisciplinary Approach

Gain a big picture of India’s digital transformation from multiple disciplinary approaches – from technology and regulation to society and ethics.

Practical Toolkits

Gain practical toolkits to understand emerging technology, key regulatory approaches, and launch a career in India’s technology policy ecosystem.

Applications are open! Scholarships available.

Online Specialization Programme
30+ Expert Speakers
5 Weeks
Rs 35,999/- (inclusive of all taxes)
Strict COVID Protocols

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Here's Why You Should Attend PET

Takeaways from the programme

Gain a contextual understanding of the 4th Industrial Revolution in India

Understand key social, legal and political implications of cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT and drones that are shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution in India.

Gain an Adaptive Toolkit to regulate emerging technologies

Learn and apply technology policy thought models to regulate emerging technologies. Carry a toolkit of agile frameworks in policymaking and new regulatory approaches for emerging technologies.

Shape Indian Technological Futures

Contextualise technology to the Indian context, design from an Indic worldview and envision Indic Technological Futures

Global Case Studies and Regulatory Best Practices

Understand how governments worldwide including the EU, Australia, the United States are regulating emerging technologies. Learn global best practices in technology policy through immersive case studies.

Conceptual Foundations: Philosophy and Ethics of Technology

Reason from first principles by building a foundational understanding of technology from philosophical and ethical perspectives.

Learn how Big Tech is being regulated in India

Explore approaches to regulate Big Tech giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon on key questions including abuse of monopoly, privacy, hate speech and destroying smaller competitors.

The New Digital State: India Stack, UPI & Aarogya Setu

Explore India’s approach to building Digital Public Infrastructure which is powering products across sectors, as well as new forms of regulatory practice.

Become Future Ready/ Launch into India’s emerging tech-policy ecosystem/Career Opportunities in Technology Policy

Gain foundational domain-knowledge, key skills and explore career pathways in India’s technology policy ecosystem.

Engage with like-minded professionals

Learn from a cohort with people from diverse backgrounds, using in-course opportunities to network.

Official PET Certificate

A ‘Certificate of Completion’ of the Specialization Course will be given to all delegates provided that they have attended at least 75% of sessions.

Here are the various learning components of the PET

Various modes of learning and discussion

Live e-learning Masterclasses

Focussed, topical, interactive masterclasses on key themes in technology policy.

Learning resources for a newly emerging discipline

Get exclusive access to learning resources for a newly emerging discipline in India.

Breakout Activities

Activities for applied learning of core concepts in technology-policy.

Project based-learning

Engage and create based on your experience, across tech for social good, ethical challenges in technology and emerging technological risks.

Peer-to-Peer learning

We believe that interacting with the cohort enriches the learning process, and also opens opportunities for collaboration.

This Program is ideal for you if you are a

Public Policy Professional

who seeks to understand the social, political and governance impacts of paradigm-shifting technologies, and learn adaptive policymaking and study global best practices in regulation.

Civil services aspirant

who wishes to understand the Indian government’s regulatory approach and understand how emerging technologies can be leveraged in governance.

Legal Professional

who seeks to understand the nature of emerging technologies, new policy and governance approaches in India, and explore careers in technology law.

Technologist or Entrepreneur

who seeks to understand the social, political and governance impacts of paradigm-shifting technologies, and learn adaptive policymaking and study global best practices in regulation.

Engaged Citizen

who wishes to participate in India’s technology policy and contribute to crafting Indian technological futures.

Testimonials And Reviews

What our Delegates have to say about us


I think the course gave me a lot to think about emerging technologies...how to look at public policy in this aspect and gave a cultural angle to the same. I personally felt it was enriching. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to get thinking about tech policy and venture into it.


Excellent course! I learnt so many new mind boggling, horizon widening concepts.


The eight methods of framing Technology Policy were very well collated. I appreciate the deepdive into philosophy of technology and Dharma of Tech. The course does a good job of bringing out the lack of coherence in the Tech Policy space in India, which in turn acts as an immediate action item for all course participants


Great course. I'm happy I took it up - unique content.

Admission Process

Steps to apply

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Application Review

Application shall be reviewed and the status of communication will be completed within 7 working days of submission.


Payment of Fees

Selected candidates should pay the programme fee within 5 working days of receiving the confirmation email.


Payment Confirmation

Admissions will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis until the maximum intake.

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Frequently Asked

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Precautions to ensure all delegates' and speakers' safety

Rashtram is committed to the safety and wellbeing of its learners, faculty and staff. Rashtram will provide support to make sure the campus is conducive for following covid safety protocols. Additionally, all learners will sign a declaration on entry to the campus about their health status and follow COVID protocol as per the relevant government regulations at the time. Strict action (including debarment from the programme) will be taken against ones who violate the agreed terms.

Compulsory Wearing Masks

Regular Temperature Check

Sanitisation Of All Facilities

Periodic Hand Sanitisation

Access To Doctor & Counsellor

Ensuring Good Ventilation

Wellness & Recreational Programmes

A bit of fun can go a long way

All study and no fun makes the experience dull. Thus, in order to have fun filled learning, the Bootcamp also incorporates recreational programmes for students aimed at having a good time. Our programmes will help the students to make life-long friends and build networks that span states and continents. We will be following government guidelines on gatherings, and will be ready to host covid-safe and socially-distanced events.

Yoga & Morning Sports

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Cultural Events & Movie Screenings

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