Our guiding principles


Our civilization was built on the foundation of an investment into human consciousness.  A breath-taking grasp of the integral unity was moulded into a culture that synthesized ideas, will and action i.e. a fusion of  Jnana Shakti, Ichha Shakti and Kriya Shakti. This magnificent vision nurtured men and women of unsurpassed integrity who have bequeathed to us, the essence of timelessness – Sanatana.

Our vision is to carry this work forward. Having connected to the intellectuals, political leadership and youth of the country through our work over the last 4 years, we have an authentic perspective on the potential that can be unlocked if these 3 shaktis can be fused into a coherent whole.

We have resolved to be a medium to drive this coherence.

RASHTRAM is our vision to nurture Academic, Political and Community leaders grounded in the ethos of this land and aspirations of our people.

Power of knowledge

Jnana Shakti

Academic Leadership

At every turn, thinkers produced ideas that animated the imagination of the people and created hospitable conditions for change. These ideas produce ‘Identity’ that give a sense of purpose and meaning to people – This is the process through which a random collection of a people, become a Nation. In today’s world, this mandate of producing good ideas is given to academia.

Power of will

Ichchaa Shakti

Political Leadership

Procedural justice is the vehicle that takes the ideas from the minds of a few to the hearts of many. It is this journey that confers legitimacy to the ideas and creates agency in people. Legitimizing right ideas through the creation of agency leads to ‘Stability’ – Guiding this journey and embedding nourishing ideas into the fabric of a Nation is the real job of Politics.

Power of action

Kriya Shakti

Community Leadership

‘Prosperity’ is a function of the energy of people channelized into productive avenues. The mandate for the state should be to create the conditions for Stability in which people can exercise the natural human genius for enterprise and creativity. The lifeblood of Ideas around Identity and Stability needs to flow through the veins of the civil society to create Prosperity – This is the role of leaders in Civil Society.


Reawakening India, elevating global consciousness.


  • Building solidarity on the primacy of Indian civilisational identity to its stability & prosperity.
  • Creating self-aware and civilisationally-assured public leaders.
  • Guiding institutions to align their missions with an Indian civilisational worldview, that is capable of engaging with global standards of excellence.


  • Integrality: We believe that the development of an individual is a multilayered, encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. We refer to this as integral development and believe that society should facilitate and nurture this.
  • Diversity: We believe that uniformity is not a prerequisite for unity. An integral development encourages diversity. Rashtram accepts, respects, and celebrates diversity.
  • Harmony: We believe that all efforts for development should strive for harmony within an individual, between individuals, communities, and also the harmony of individuals with nature and the rest of the existence.
  • National Identity: We believe that our nation India i.e. Bharat, is an ecosystem of individuals and institutions that reflects and facilitates integral development.

Rashtram School of Public Leadership produces ‘self-aware’ and ‘civilisationally assured’ public leaders who are nourished by Indic Knowledge traditions and systems of thought. The specific focus of the school is to prepare leaders in three domains - Academia, Politics, and Community.


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