Policy BootCamp 2016 in Swarajya

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Read the full article on SwarajyaApplications for VIF Policy BootCamp are currently open.Applications for VIF Policy BootCamp are currently open.

Public Policy influences us every day, in every sphere of our lives – right from shopping, to the kind of food we eat, the roads we travel on, the water we drink, the income we save, the books we read – everything. Despite its sweeping significance, it’s understanding has been considered limited to the elite circles of bureaucrats, researchers, politicians, lawyers, etc., instead of the common man.

Vision India Foundation’s Policy BootCamp, a first of its kind in the country, is a 21-day residential summer school that seeks to engage bright young minds in public policy – 150 delegates from across the world, selected through a rigorous 3-stage process to filter the best talent committed to nation building.Over 50 experts mentor the delegation through the 21-days via multiple in-class and on-field components. VIF has served its audience very well in trying to ease out entry barriers for these young minds and also co-creating with them, a space to nurture such ideas and sustain ‘immediate systemic reform’ that the country needs.

Go on to read the ten reasons why you must apply for the PBC this year:

1. Peers – a dynamic crowd enthused for the nation

There is nothing more exciting and motivating than finding a bunch of people each of whom are desperate to change the state of affairs that are serving as a hindrance to the development of the nation. More than anything else, it is reassuring to know that there are more like-minded people out there who are willing to go all out, to change the status quo as well as preserve all that is meant to be learned from it. Last year’s delegation can be seen here.

2. Speakers – Learn from who’s who of India’s public policy

Right from the academic backing of professors from Cornell to the consultancy experiences of Mckinsey and Sequoia Capital, to hearing our Cabinet Ministers and Principal Secretaries speak. Sarpanchs of model villages and social leaders sharing their rich experiences, to heads of think tanks such as the World Bank and J-PAL, to experts from academia – the immense variety is simply mind boggling. The speaker list can be seen here.Read more on Swarajya