PBC is going into self-quarantine!

Due to prolonged uncertainty caused by the second wave of Covid-19, we are deferring Policy Bootcamp 2021 – our 16-day residential summer school programme scheduled for June. The pandemic has to be contained now, and we are doing our bit. If PBC sparks your interest, send us your details and we shall reach out to you when the programme can be rescheduled. Watch this space for updates. 

Your Launchpad to a Career in Policy & Governance


Policy BootCamp (PBC) is a 16-day residential summer school focused on public policy, governance and leadership. It serves as a launchpad for aspiring public leaders, and policy enthusiasts who want to build a career in nation-building. Interact with the nation’s top policymakers, politicians, bureaucrats, and media personalities and learn first-hand from their experiences.

Your experience and learnings at PBC will enable you to understand the tradeoffs involved in the design of national policies and institutions; the influence of factors like political parties, policy ideas, information technology, and globalisation.

Programme Format

Summer School

Delegates will spend 16-days in Rishihood University’s campus in Delhi NCR with an engaging schedule of education sessions, fun activities and reflection time, while networking with like-minded individuals from around India.

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Interact With

Public Leaders & Field Experts

Previous editions of PBC have featured the cabinet ministers, politicians, senior bureaucrats, media personalities, civil society leaders, and academics.

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Credit Programme

4-Credit Academic Programme

PBC offers academic credits. Those interested can earn 4-credits towards their degrees. Students who choose to earn credit are supposed to take course assessment. 

Learn The Basics Of

Public Policy & Governance

PBC will introduce you to the basics of topics like public policy, structure of government, International Relations (IR), economic policy, judicial reform and many more.

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100+ Hours of Learning
30+ Expert Speakers
03 July – 13 July, 2022
Rs 17,000/- (inclusive of all taxes)
Strict COVID Protocols

For any queries, contact us on bootcamp@rashtram.org.

Here's Why You Should Attend Policy BootCamp

Takeaways from the programme

Exposure To The World

Understand the world better with a breadth-based curriculum with practitioners and domain experts from India and the world.

Domain Understanding

Expand your domain knowledge in policy, politics, international affairs, technology etc via bite-sized modules.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Develop an interdisciplinary approach in life & work via understanding the interplay of various professional areas.

Skills For The Future

Nurture your internal compass of decision making with real-world simulations, case studies, discussions and policy modelling sessions.

Perspectives In Policy

Grow out of singular worldviews and identities to delve deeper to build holistic perspectives of the world.

Understand India

Strengthen your understanding of Bharat by deeper insights from the grassroots, and field experts.

Official PBC Certificate

A ‘Certificate of Participation will be given to all delegates provided that they have attended at least 75% of sessions. In addition, participants opting for the credit-based module will receive a grade card issued by Rishihood University {established as per Section 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956}, indicating overall credits earned, along with the participant's name, the course based upon which crediting is done, and a grade received on a scale of A+ to F.

Esteemed Speakers at PBC

From Past Editions

Sh. Piyush

Cabinet Minister
had a discussion on
His Personal Journey In Politics
in PBC '15

Asoke Mukerji

Fmr. Permanent Representative To United Nations
took a session on
The World Order Post COVID-19 Outbreak
in ePBC '20

Dr. Jayaprakash

Founder, Lok Satta Party
had a discussion on
Citizens and Governance
in PBC '17

Sh. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

Cabinet Minister
had a discussion on
Taking Water To Every Household
in ePBC '20

Dr. Madhu

National Professor, ICSSR
took a session on
Easy Route to Breaking the Stalemate Over UCC
in ePBC '20

Dr. Shamika

Fmr. Economic Advisor To Prime Minister's Office
took a session on
Evolving Public Policy Landscape in India
in PBC '17

Sh. Anil

Fmr. Secretary to GoI
took a session on
Transparency and Technology
in PBC '17

Smt. Vandana

Ecologist & Food Rights Advocate
took a session on
Idea of Food Sovereignty, Why and How?
in ePBC '20

Here are the various learning components of the Bootcamp

Various modes of learning and discussion


Upgrade your know-how on statecraft and diplomacy, catch on the nuances of public policy and get advised by the best brains in contemporary administration, polity, and academics to amp up your skills on this 1.5-hour session.

Introduction to Public Policy

Contemporary Economic Policy

Structure of Government

Data Analysis In Public Policy

Emerging Trends in Indian Foreign Policy


Harden your grasp over core policy subjects with electives, developing intuitive domain expertise and deepened understanding of the motivations and functioning of the state and civic systems.

Indigenous Environmentalism

Technology, Society and Government

Isms and Ideologies: A Toolkit For The Critical Thinker


Learn how to operate from within a layered socio-economic and political matrix at hands-on policy formulation workshops, thus gaining an edge in your career from experiential learning

Negotiation Skills

Petition/Memorandum Writing

Policy Research

Understanding Self

Career Planning in Public Policy

Youth Parliament

Panel Discussion

Listen to ace thought-leaders discuss and debate upon plurality of views and how to find legitimacy in public approval in the politically-charged environment of today's India and the world

Soft Power As A Foreign Policy Tool

Civilisational Critique To Modern India

Ayurvedic Way And The Wholeness Of Life

Our Past Editions

Impact so far

Testimonials And Reviews

What our Delegates have to say about us

Ankita Kumar Ratta

University of Toronto | Delegate in PBC '15
"...having all these people who are passionate about social change, coming together in one space is just an incredible opportunity. The Bootcamp was fantastic and I really enjoyed my experience."

Rhea Kumar

Yale University | Delegate in PBC '17
"For somebody studying abroad, the BootCamp provided an opportunity to stay engaged with issues in India. It helped me understand ways to contribute and make a difference in the public policy space"

Agastya Yeachuri

Consultant, Grant Thornton | Delegate in PBC '19
"The BootCamp helped me to understand how we as aspiring youth can get involved in public policy.”

Admission Process

Steps to apply

Submit Your Application

Candidates should submit an online application by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button on the Policy BootCamp webpage.


Application Review

Application shall be reviewed and the status of communication will be completed within 7 working days of submission.


Payment of Fees

Selected candidates should pay the programme fee within 5 working days of receiving the confirmation email.


Payment Confirmation

Admissions will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis until the maximum intake.

Fees &


Frequently Asked

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Precautions to ensure all delegates' and speakers' safety

Rashtram is committed to the safety and wellbeing of its learners, faculty and staff. Rashtram will provide support to make sure the campus is conducive for following covid safety protocols. Additionally, all learners will sign a declaration on entry to the campus about their health status and follow COVID protocol as per the relevant government regulations at the time. Strict action (including debarment from the programme) will be taken against ones who violate the agreed terms.

Compulsory Wearing Masks

Regular Temperature Check

Sanitisation Of All Facilities

Periodic Hand Sanitisation

Access To Doctor & Counsellor

Ensuring Good Ventilation

Wellness & Recreational Programmes

A bit of fun can go a long way

All study and no fun makes the experience dull. Thus, in order to have fun filled learning, the Bootcamp also incorporates recreational programmes for students aimed at having a good time. Our programmes will help the students to make life-long friends and build networks that span states and continents. We will be following government guidelines on gatherings, and will be ready to host covid-safe and socially-distanced events.

Yoga & Morning Sports

Excursions & Walking Tours

Cultural Events & Movie Screenings


Writings on and from the BootCamp

    Learn more about us, other programmes, and how we nurture future public leaders of India.