Frequently Asked Questions



Applications are closed for the current batch.

References are any individuals of public standing and authority, who can vouch for you. For instance, if you have are just about to finish your college, you can request your professors to act as your references. You can provide the contact details of any prominent individual similar to your college professors, school teachers or principals, who knows you and who can vouch for you.


Rashtram Accelerator is a one-year residential public leadership programme to nurture future leaders of India to produce authentic action. Those who have a passion for nation-building, are curious, able to think critically and communicate effectively can apply for the programme.

For academic track, if you have completed your post-graduation you are eligible. For the socio-political tracks, you are eligible if you have at least completed your graduation.

This programme is designed for Indian youth, who wish to be change makers and public leaders rooted in Indian traditions. It would be difficult for non-Indians to undergo our curriculum without the cultural context.

The average Rashtram learner would be between 22-30 years of age. However, we encourage those who have the passion and who fulfill the eligibility requirements, to apply even if they do not fall in this age limit.


Yes, this is a full time, residential programme.

You will receive a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Leadership after you successfully complete this programme.

There is a wide array of career options available after you complete the programme. You can get into: 


  • Academia – universities, research institutions, think tanks
  • Corporate – CSR, media, public policy
  • Entrepreneurship – social enterprises
  • Governance – bureaucracy, diplomacy, policy and leadership consulting
  • Politics – electoral politics, campaign management, political consulting
  • Social – non-profits, community, social movements

We form a life-long with our learners at Rashtram and provide them with support at every step in their careers. 


  • Mentorship – as a learner, you will be able to receive life-long guidance and mentorship, to help you remain focused on your goals. 
  • Networking – you will be part of a large community of Rashtram and VIF alumni and mentors, who have a knowledge and expertise across a spectrum of domains and disciplines. 
  • Incubation – you will be able to collaborate and work on your ideas, as well as obtain help to pilot them as necessary. 
Campus and Facilities

The campus is housed at the Rishihood University, Sonipat. It is located on the Grand Trunk road, about 40km away from New Delhi. It is well connected to New Delhi through rail and road.

The daily schedule is designed to nurture and serve all aspects of your personality, including physical, mental, emotional and intellectual. It would not be practical if you stay outside the campus, you will not be able to participate in all the required activities.

Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner will be provided on campus every day. We provide good quality, vegetarian food, which is covered under the fee for the programme. 

There are some limited provisions for learners to work on campus, for Rashtram. The learners will be informed about such opportunities once the academic year starts.


Rashtram School of Public Leadership produces ‘self-aware’ and ‘civilisationally assured’ public leaders who are nourished by Indic Knowledge traditions and systems of thought. The specific focus of the school is to prepare leaders in three domains - Academia, Politics, and Community.


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