Beyond Sustainability


Curriculum Overview

Structure of the course

Huddle 1: Introduction to the Course and House Rules

• Getting to know each other – What you deeply care about 

• The Human and Global Condition – An Inquiry (Anvikshiki )

– Articulating personal experience of life

– What are the patterns we are observing?

– Where are we going?

Huddle 2: Data Exploration and Systems Thinking

• Exploring data – economic, ecology, sociology (30mins); sharing of what the homework uncovered.

• Logic of Economic Growth

• Planetary Boundaries and their Collapse 

• Exploring the SDGs

• Introduction to Systems Thinking 

• Introduction to the Iceberg Model from a Systems Thinking Perspective; Understanding the underlying current paradigm


Huddle 3: Examining the Newtonian and Systems View of Life

• Examining the Newtonian and Systems View of Life  –  Presentation and plenary discussion 

• Separation of humans from Nature, techno-managerial, focus on analysis and understanding of parts

• Holistic, Integral – Systems View of Life, World Systems Model

• Indic/Indigenous Paradigm

• The ‘Why’ of a Regenerative Paradigm


Huddle 4: Getting to Know the Regenerative Paradigm Better

• Need to move beyond sustainability; Describing the Regenerative Paradigm –  anchored in life processes, to protect, enhance, celebrate, flourish, thrive.

• Learning from nature – co-operation and collaboration for complex systems

Huddle 5: Skimming Indic and other Wisdom Traditions – A Part of Nature Not Apart From Her

• Who are we? What are we doing on Earth? What is the broad underlying philosophy of the Indic way of life?

• Wisdom traditions – way of being, doing, living, learning; 

• the Purusharthas – Artha, Kama, Dharma, Moksha

• Philosophy of life of indigenous communities


Huddle 6: Self and the Living System: An Indic Framing – Svabhava, Svadharma, Prvritti, Seva

Unfolding of Self through Seva; Svabhava, Svadharma and Prvritti  – Endeavouring for Integrity

Huddle 7: Thriving and Flourishing – Principles of Living Systems

• Individual and the System; inter-connectedness, interdependence, inter-being 

• Principles of Living Systems

• Exploring the concept of Indra’s Net

Huddle 8: Regenerative Paradigm – An Exploration of Current Ideas; the Doughnut

• Exploring Recent Developments in the Regenerative Paradigm Space

• Introduction to Doughnut Economics – Bringing Economics and Ecology together 

– Creating a safe and just space for humanity within planetary boundaries

Huddle 9: The Butterfly

• Circular Economies

• The Butterfly Model – Ellen McArthur Foundation

Huddle 10: Unleashing your Regenerative Leadership – What might it mean? Ego to Eco

• Regenerative Leadership 

• Transforming the World we Live in, creating the conditions for life to thrive and flourish

• Creating win-win-win for individual, collective and the planet

Huddle 11: Transition

•Sharing the story

•The Transition

•Three Horizons Framework

Huddle 12: Let’s Move It, Move It - Improve, Change, Transform

•Sharing of the ideas

•Discussions and explorations of collaborations

Huddle 13: Reflection on Action – What are your project actions unfolding?

•Reflection on Action

•Emerging insights on Regenerative Leadership from the project

Huddle 14: Exploring Regenerative Principles

•Brief sharing on project progress, reflection on what are we learning

•Regenerative Principles – Permaculture, Thrivability, Capital Institute

•Creation of a Regenerative Culture – why, what, how

Huddle 15: Biomimicry

•Biomimicry – session by Prashant Dhawan

Huddle 16: Regenerative Economics – Imperative for the Future

•Regenerative Economics – The Capital Institute

Huddle 17: Creating Regenerative Cultures

•Daniel Wahl – Interaction (Creating Regenerative Cultures )

Huddle 18: Regenerative Organizations

•Regenerative Organisations

Huddle 19: A Collective Bricolage and the CoP

•Consolidation of the Learning Experience

•Regenerative Leadership and the Future

•Creation of a Community of Practice

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25 March – 10 June, 2021
Break: 23 April – 3 May, 2021
7-8 Hours Per Week
3 Hrs Huddle + 4 Hrs for Reflection & Self Study
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Regenerative Paradigm