Beyond Sustainability


Where are we going as a species? What is happening to Mother Earth? Can we continue to pursue GDP as our collective purpose? Are our work places becoming more fragile, stressed than productive, creative or happy?

The world is changing rapidly in many ways. In the post pandemic world, everyone, at some level, have perceived the need to shift from the dominant narrative around human beings as consumers and producers to one that is more holistic and takes into account the myriad facets of human life that make it worth living. We cannot go back to normal, because we clearly see now, that was not normal to begin with. Regenerative paradigm take prominence, in this context of wakefulness, as one that can anchor the action towards a transformation in our ways of being and doing. And, Regenerative leadership aims to help people lead, enable and nurture spaces for individual and collective action for such an alternative future. Regenerative Leadership is not about position and power. Learners will reflect on the actions that can enable this shift as they journey from being to becoming. With concepts, frameworks, tools that emerge in the huddles, learners will reflect, meditate on learnings and choose the spaces, dimensions in which they can act on the shifts that are essential to them and the world at large.

Regenerative Over Sustainability

Moving beyond SDGs

All the data from climate science is telling us that we have crossed many planetary thresholds and that humanity and all other living systems are in grave danger. Sustainability is inadequate now because we need to restore and heal before we can sustain. We need to transform urgently from degenerative and destructive to regenerative and restoring. This is a creative space that challenges us to stretch beyond the SDGs.


What you will learn
  • Analyse the underlying paradigm of separation and the designs that created existential risks and crises.
  • Go beyond Sustainability, learn about Regenerative Paradigm and move towards a Regenerative Worldview.
  • Create a Regenerative way of being and doing and be more discerning about choices.
  • Articulate Regenerative paradigm that will drive systemic change.
  • Co-create the tools, framework necessary for the shifts that are needed.
  • Design blue prints to inspire, influence and advocate transformation in circles of impact.

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Live eHuddles
25 March – 10 June, 2021
Break: 23 April – 3 May, 2021
7-8 Hours Per Week
3 Hrs Huddle + 4 Hrs for Reflection & Self Study
Fees: Rs 14,999/- (inclusive of all taxes)
25 Learners
Regenerative Paradigm

A virtual excursion for
discovery and unfolding.

Curriculum Overview

Structure of the course

Huddle 1: Introduction to the Course and House Rules

• Getting to know each other – What you deeply care about 

• The Human and Global Condition – An Inquiry (Anvikshiki )

– Articulating personal experience of life

– What are the patterns we are observing?

– Where are we going?

Huddle 2: Data Exploration and Systems Thinking

• Exploring data – economic, ecology, sociology (30mins); sharing of what the homework uncovered.

• Logic of Economic Growth

• Planetary Boundaries and their Collapse 

• Exploring the SDGs

• Introduction to Systems Thinking 

• Introduction to the Iceberg Model from a Systems Thinking Perspective; Understanding the underlying current paradigm


Huddle 3: Examining the Newtonian and Systems View of Life

• Examining the Newtonian and Systems View of Life  –  Presentation and plenary discussion 

• Separation of humans from Nature, techno-managerial, focus on analysis and understanding of parts

• Holistic, Integral – Systems View of Life, World Systems Model

• Indic/Indigenous Paradigm

• The ‘Why’ of a Regenerative Paradigm


Huddle 4: Getting to Know the Regenerative Paradigm Better

• Need to move beyond sustainability; Describing the Regenerative Paradigm –  anchored in life processes, to protect, enhance, celebrate, flourish, thrive.

• Learning from nature – co-operation and collaboration for complex systems

Huddle 5: Skimming Indic and other Wisdom Traditions – A Part of Nature Not Apart From Her

• Who are we? What are we doing on Earth? What is the broad underlying philosophy of the Indic way of life?

• Wisdom traditions – way of being, doing, living, learning; 

• the Purusharthas – Artha, Kama, Dharma, Moksha

• Philosophy of life of indigenous communities


Huddle 6: Self and the Living System: An Indic Framing – Svabhava, Svadharma, Prvritti, Seva

Unfolding of Self through Seva; Svabhava, Svadharma and Prvritti  – Endeavouring for Integrity

Huddle 7: Thriving and Flourishing – Principles of Living Systems

• Individual and the System; inter-connectedness, interdependence, inter-being 

• Principles of Living Systems

• Exploring the concept of Indra’s Net

Huddle 8: Regenerative Paradigm – An Exploration of Current Ideas; the Doughnut

• Exploring Recent Developments in the Regenerative Paradigm Space

• Introduction to Doughnut Economics – Bringing Economics and Ecology together 

– Creating a safe and just space for humanity within planetary boundaries

Huddle 9: The Butterfly

• Circular Economies

• The Butterfly Model – Ellen McArthur Foundation

Huddle 10: Unleashing your Regenerative Leadership – What might it mean? Ego to Eco

• Regenerative Leadership 

• Transforming the World we Live in, creating the conditions for life to thrive and flourish

• Creating win-win-win for individual, collective and the planet

Course Anchor & Bricoleur

Suparna Diwakar

Director of Centre for Regenerative Development

Watch Suparna Diwakar explain more about the Regenerative Leadership Programme that delves deep into regenerative paradigms, and explores ways of manifesting leadership for co-creating and transitioning into a future we all want, one of wellbeing for people and the planet.

External Speakers

Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl

Global Consultant & Educator

Michelle Holliday

Global Consultant & Educator

Dr. Beatrice Ungard

Founder, Soma Integral Consulting

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For Indian citizens: ₹14,999/- (Inclusive of all taxes)

For others: $250 (Inclusive of all taxes)

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