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Welcome to shravaNa, the official podcast of the Rashtram School of Public Leadership. The concept behind shravaNa is inspired by the threefold path of acquiring knowledge in Vedantic traditions: Śravaṇa (listening), Manana (contemplating), and Nididhyāsana (internalising to embody knowledge). Through the rashtram podcast, we enable our audiences to connect with today’s thought leaders and to listen to their ideas and experiences in deeply engaging conversations, with a special focus on Indic knowledge traditions and systems of thought. This, we believe, will set our audiences on the path to contemplating on what they have listened to, facilitating the processes of internalisation and embodiment of received knowledge. It is in this manner that the shravaNa podcast contributes to fulfilling Rashtram’s larger objective of nurturing ‘self-aware’ and ‘civilisationally-assured’ leaders of tomorrow.

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Ms. Ami Ganatra

Author - Mahabharata Unravelled

Hosted By:

Namrata Anatharam

Learner -Rashtram Accelerator Programme 21-22

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Voiced by: Ms. Reena George

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Episode 8 is out now!

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Sagar K. Chourasia

Programmes Lead - Centre for Strategic and Foreign Relations

Dr. Pankaj Saxena is an author who writes about Arts, Aesthetics, Culture, Literature and Hindu Temple Architecture. He has visited more than 600 ancient Hindu temples and studied many of them deeply. He is also deeply interested in cultural anthropology, evolutionary biology and natural history. He has been writing articles, research papers and reviews in online and print newspapers and magazines for the past few years like Indiafacts, Swarajya, Indic Today, Sirf News etc. He has authored two books so far. He currently works at Centre for Indic Studies, Indus University, Ahmedabad, which is working for ‘restoring the dharmic foundation of India’. He is the editor of Indic Varta – the literary magazine of the Centre for Indic Studies.

He completed PhD from Jiwaji University in English on the topic of “Pagan Symbols in Harry Potter”. He has done an IIT Bombay Project on Hindu temples.

At the CIS he has been responsible for organizing and conducting various Talks of the greatest scholars of Indic culture and civilization. Along with that he has also contributed to the creation of Indic Courses, where the attempt is made to shift Indian academia online, anticipating the course of the future academia.