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shravaNa Episode 6: ‘Vedic Knowledge & Global Indigenous Resurgence: The Journey Of An American Dharmic Activist’ with Sri Brannon Parker

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What connects the various ancient civilisations of the past and the myriad indigenous cultures from around the globe with the ancient yet living civilisation of Bharatavarsha or India? How does one straddle multiple identities while staying true to one’s roots, and still pursue Dharmic values? What role do the state and law play in shaping the cultural aspects of a country? Do PETA campaigns about Indian Gaushala-s reflect the reality? What is the global relevance of the various indigenous cultures and what relevance does Hinduism hold for them? These interesting issues and more enliven the highly engaging conversation between Sri Brannon Parker and Dr Nagaraj Paturi in this latest episode of shravaNa: the Rashtram podcast.


Sri Brannon Parker

Historical Curator, Cultural Connoisseur, Author of "The Serpent, Eagle, Lion & Disk" & "Orissa in the Crossfire"

Hosted By:

Dr Nagaraj Paturi

Director, Indic Academy; Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Studies in Public Leadership; Former Senior Professor of Cultural Studies, FLAME School of Communication and FLAME School of Liberal Education

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