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Sri Aurobindo
The Rishi Of India's Renaissance

A Year-Long Course On His Life & Works | July 2021 - August 2022

Sri Aurobindo’s teachings transcend time and space. As we approach the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, on 15th August 2022, this 150 hours course will reflect on his life & diverse works in the fields of politics, Indian civilisation & its renaissance, education, arts & literature, consciousness and evolution, Integral Yoga, Vedas and shastras among many others. It attempts to spread Sri Aurobindo’s knowledge for solving contemporary problems and attaining spiritual unity of mankind.

This course will give you an insight on the thoughts of one of the greatest intellectuals to tread amongst us.

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Module 12 of 12:
An Introduction to Savitri
14 Sessions
11th July 2022

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1-Year Course

12 Modules spread across 12 months

14 Sessions Per Module

5:30 - 6:30 PM IST | Monday to Friday

Beginner Level

No prerequisite knowledge

“What Sri Aurobindo represents in the world’s history is not a teaching, not even a revelation; it is a decisive action direct from the Supreme.” -The Mother

Despite centuries of progress, nations and people across the globe are encountering the same old problems. The established intellectual frameworks and the institutions have only languished. The world is constantly being buffeted by the rise of newer belligerent nations dreaming of world domination, virulent diseases, technological hazards, economic and religious turmoil, and social conflict. We have mistaken the symptoms for the deeper causes of our problems and overlooked the lasting solutions that have always been within reach.

Indeed, Sri Aurobindo, widely known as nationalist, revolutionary, philosopher, poet, yogi and guru, wrote clearly in 1947 that what was required was “a step in evolution which would raise man to a higher and larger consciousness and begin the solution of the problems which have perplexed and vexed him since he first began to think and to dream of individual perfection and a perfect society”. To understand the implications of this statement it is necessary to know deeply about the works of Sri Aurobindo whose sesquicentennial birth anniversary will be celebrated on 15th August 2022.

Who should enrol for the course?

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Do you aspire to solve problems? Do you have an inquisitive spirit? First soak in the life and works of Sri Aurobindo. Then be a part of India’s renaissance in whatever field you are. The integral education of Sri Aurobindo will empower you.

Spiritual Seekers

What is Bhakti? Sri Aurobindo says it is complete surrender to the Divine Mother. Who is the Divine Mother? How and why surrender? The secret knowledge of the Gita, Upanishads, Life Divine, Savitri will be revealed.

Scholars and Researchers

Are you a student of humanities and social sciences? As literati, have Sri Aurobindo’s poetry and epics touched you? Do you want to scrutinize current ideologies and policies and get challenged? The course will enable you to publish quality research and influence academics and policies.

Students of Science

What is the next step of evolution? Can machines become conscious? Do new disciplines like string theory, epigenetics and neurosciences excite you? Then use Sri Aurobindo’s ideas of Integral Yoga and Super Mind to sharpen your understanding.

Politically Inclined

Is Westphelian nation-states the only model for nationalism? Expose yourself to Sri Aurobindo’s nationalism. Travel to the Swadeshi movement of India’s freedom struggle. Be a revolutionary. Unlike the mainstream ideas of revolution that contemporary academics and media preach.

Professionals & Homemakers

The pandemic has changed your life. Why don’t you start changing your way of life, too? Let us remove the veil of ignorance and explore life. The Divine Mother will help you only if you help yourselves. The course is designed to suit your schedules and taste. This is your right time.

Course Director

The guide in your learning journey.

Dr Sampadananda Mishra

Mentor and Professor at Rashtram

• Ph.D. Sanskrit (2003) from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
• M.Phil. Sanskrit (1994) Gold Medalist from Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry
• M.A. (1993) Sanskrit 1st class from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
• B.A.(1991) 1st class with Sanskrit Honors from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar

Learning Objectives

The course is aimed at
  • Providing an overview of the life and works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
  • Enabling the participants to have better appreciation for the language, literature, art, culture, polity, psychology and philosophy of India
  • Making the learners familiar with the teachings of Sri Aurobindo.
  • Facilitating understanding of Sri Aurobindo’s thoughts on Life, Education, Indianness, Poetry, Yoga etc.
  • Creating more awareness about the Sanatana Dharma and Spirituality.
  • Facilitating deeper understanding of the Veda, Upanishads and the Gita.
  • Helping learners to be familiar with the Indian Knowledge System in the light of Sri Aurobindo.
  • Creating a strong base for the Indian culture through the writings of Sri Aurobindo on the Foundations of Indian Culture.
  • Contextualising Sri Aurobindo’s teachings in order to find solutions to many problems that the humanity faces.
  • Creating a base for academicians and youth interested in the teachings of Sri Aurobindo.
Module In Focus

Module 12 : An Introduction to Savitri

14 Sessions
11th July 2022
1 Instructor
5:30 – 6:30 PM IST, Monday to Friday

1. Background and Introduction
2. The Book of Beginnings: Book One
3. The Traveller of the World: Book Two
4. The Divine Mother: Book Three
5. The Birth and Quest: Book Four
6. The Book of Love: Book Five
7. The Scroll of Fate: Book Six
8. The Yoga for Earth and Man: Book Seven
9. Journey through the Night: Book Eight & Nine
10. The Victory over Death: Book Ten
11. The Boon for Earth and Mankind: Book Eleven
12. The Future Promise: Book Eleven
13. The Joining of Earth and Heaven: Book Eleven & Twelve
14. Summary and the Message

Dr. Alok Pandey

Doctor, Author, Motivational Speaker - Sri Aurobindo Ashram


List of all 12 modules

Module 1: Introduction to the Life and Works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (12 Hours)
Module 2: An Introduction to Principles, Theory & Practice of Integral Yoga (12 Hours)
Module 3: An Introduction to principles of Integral Education (12 Hours)
Module 4: An Introduction to the Foundations of Indian Culture (12 Hours)
Module 5: An Introduction to Sri Aurobindo’s Social and Political Philosophy (12 Hours)
Module 6: Sri Aurobindo’s Thoughts Poetry, Drama and Poetics (12 Hours)

Module 7: An Introduction to Synthesis of Yoga (12 Hours)
Module 8: An Introduction to the Essays on the Gita (12 Hours)
Module 9: Sri Aurobindo’s Thoughts on the Upanishads (12 Hours)
Module 10: Sri Aurobindo’s Thoughts on the Veda (12 Hours)
Module 11: An Introduction to Life Divine (15 Hours)
Module 12: An Introduction to Savitri (15 Hours)


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Learning Outcomes

After the completion of the course
  • Will have fair knowledge of the life, vision and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo
  • Will have a greater understanding of Indian Knowledge System as propounded by Sri Aurobindo
  • Will find in them enough preparedness for delving deep into the teachings of Sri Aurobindo
  • Will develop immense love for the Indian Knowledge, Spirituality, Yoga, Psychology, the Sacred Texts of India, Indian way of thinking and knowing
  • Will become familiar with many ways of looking at the teachings of Sri Aurobindo
  • Will be able to discover wider applicability of the knowledge provided by Sri Aurobindo
  • Will be able to find the missing links between the past and the future

Payment Options

All available options to enrol

Single Module Payment: ₹1,999

Total: ₹ 23,988 for 12 modules.
  • Monthly Renewal.
  • Pay Per Module
  • Access Documents, Recorded Videos, Live Sessions
  • Post Live Session Q&A
  • Certificate of Completion*

Annual Subscription: ₹17,999

Total: ₹ 23,988 ₹ 17,999 (Save 25%)
  • Full-Year Access
  • Access All 12 Modules
  • Access Documents, Recorded Videos, Live Sessions
  • Post Live Session Q&A
  • Certificate of Completion*

Premium Subscription: ₹18,999

Total: ₹ 23,988 ₹ 18,999 (Save 20%)
  • Full-Year Access
  • Access All 12 Modules
  • Access Documents, Recorded Videos, Live Sessions
  • Post Live Session Q&A
  • Certificate of Completion*
  • Private Session With Dr Sampadananda Mishra
  • Special Convocation Ceremony at Rashtram Campus on 15 Aug, '22
  • Access to other knowledge offerings by Rashtram like webinars etc.
Year-Long Celebration of

Sri Aurobindo's 150th Birth Anniversary

Sri Aurobindo – a revolutionary, nationalist, poet, educationist, philosopher and yogi- showed the path to tap into the Divine Shaktis. Rashtram School of Public Leadership tries to channelize the Divine Shakti-s to nurture public leaders who are “self-aware and civilisationally-assured”. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother remain a central pivot in understanding our knowledge traditions thereby solving the crisis of our times. To commemorate the 150th year of Sri Aurobindo’s birth anniversary and 75 years of India’s Independence we are launching a host of year round programmes, courses and events.

Year-Long Celebration of

Volunteer To The Cause Of Disseminating Sri Aurobindo’s Message

As part of the year-long celebration of Sri Aurobindo anniversary we are conducting many events, conferences and study weeks apart from the course “Sri AUrobindo-The Rishi of India’s Renaissance”. We would be publishing books/compendiums for each event and course.

We cordially invite academically-inclined participants reverential to Sri Aurobindo’s teachings to help us organise the sesquicentennial birth anniversary celebrations of the rishi.

Volunteers must have the necessary skills of good listening, writing, and effective editing for taking summary notes of various lectures, workshops, conferences and events, and other tasks.

  • Volunteers summarising an entire conference or study week will be provided one module of the year-long “Sri Aurobindo: The Rishi of India’s Renaissance” free of cost.
  • Similarly, one who summarises one module of the above course will  be given the module free of cost.
  • A candidate can avail maximum three modules free of cost.
  • They will also enjoy a plethora of learning opportunities at Rashtram, and receive a special felicitation on 15th August 2022.
  • Do send your resume and your experiences/skill if any for volunteering to

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