Aravindan Neelakandan

Renowned writer, Co-Author of 'Breaking India'- bestseller book
Brief info

Aravindan Neelakandan is a co-author of the hugely successful and bestseller book, Breaking India. He has done a Cultural Economics project from the Junior Research Fellowship from Department of Culture, Government of India on the ruins of Kanyakumari district and has field experience of culture conservation.
His best seller book, 'Breaking India' explores the historical development of fabricated fault lines threatening the unity of India. Other books authored by him in Tamil explore culture, history, science and technology. As the contributing editor of Swarajya he focuses mainly on culture, science, philosophy of science and history.
His science articles have been appreciated by eminent scientists like Fritjof Capra, Subhash Kak and Richard Dawkins.
His understanding of the historical origins of both the Dravidian movement and Dalit identity, plus the current players involved in shaping these separatist identities is unmatched.


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