G V Pranav Kumar Vasishta

Researcher on Dharmaśāstra-s and the Constitution of India
Brief info

Pranav Vasishta is an independent researcher on Dharmaśāstra-s and the Constitution of India. Currently he teaches at 'Pūrṇapramati' – A Center for Integrated Learning.

Has Previously taught at IIIT-Hyderabad.
Sense of Past; Dharma,Polity and the Constitution of India; Epistemology in Indian Philosophy; Theoretical Humanities, Formalisms and Digital Humanities; History of Ideas; Classical Texts Reading in Sanskrit (through Translations); Classical Language Sanskrit-II; Gandhi and India (2008)

Courses Assisted (includes Teaching/Grading/Administrative Management)
Yogavasishtam, Problems of Indian Intellectual History/Spirit of Reasoning in Indic Imagination, Introduction to Classical Telugu Literature; Introduction to Programming, Data Structures and Algorithmic Analysis, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Physics for Quantum Computation, Making of the Modern Mind.

Pranav has translated a couple of novels of 'Kavisamrat' Viswanadha Satyanarayana to English. Avid reader of non-fiction studies across the board in English, Telugu, Hindi and Sanskrit.


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