Resident Mentor | Ph.D. in Literature | Diploma in Yoga & Ayurveda (TMV)
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Ph.D. in Literature
Diploma in Yoga & Ayurveda

Dr. Mala Kapadia is a facilitator and has a master's and doctorate in psychology and literature.
She is a writer, global speaker and executive instructor of Yoga & Ayurveda. Assistant Professor of the SP Jain School of Global Management on the campuses of Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai. Researcher in the vicinity of holistic wellness and Integrated Intelligence for 20 years. She is also author of several books like "Heart Skills and Emotional
Intelligence". She has been a pioneer schooling in Emotional Intelligence to MBA college students in exceptional trading colleges in Asia. Her doctoral thesis on Gujarati literature integrates know-how of psychology growing an integrative approach. Consultant of various multinational organizations. Advises with a version of sustainability of overall performance and holistic management. Her understanding approximately well-being, Ayurveda, Yoga, leadership and Emotional Intelligence make her a unique guide for our open training programs.


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