Milind Thatte

Founder, Vayam
Brief info

Himself Belonging to a tribal village in northern western ghats, he started a movement for the welfare and awareness of tribal people. This movement called ‘Vayam’ has received accolades from various organisations from strengthening democracy at grass roots level. He has been an IEC consultant to Govt. of Maharashtra in its ‘User-centred groundwater management project’. He has developed communication strategies for some other government and non-government projects in the NRM (Natural resources management) sector. He also conducted the performance audit for the government of it’s rural water supply projects in 11 tribal districts.


Rashtram School of Public Leadership produces ‘self-aware’ and ‘civilisationally assured’ public leaders who are nourished by Indic Knowledge traditions and systems of thought. The specific focus of the school is to prepare leaders in three domains - Academia, Politics, and Community.


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