Prof K Ramasubramanian

Professor, IIT Bombay
Brief info

Currently employed in IIT Bombay, Prof. Ramasubramanian has a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics besides a Bachelor’s degree in engineering.
His research work primarily focused on trying to bring out the major contribution made by Kerala astronomers and mathematicians between 14th and 16th centuries, referred to as the golden age of Indian mathematics. His major publications, along with his research collaborators, include preparation of detailed mathematical notes on Jyesthadeva's Yukti-bhasha in two volumes, and a translation along with mathematics notes of Nilakantha Somayaji's Tantrasangraha, jointly published by Springer, U.S. and Hindustan Book Agency, New Delhi.
He has also given an online course on Development of Mathematics in India, as a part of NPTEL activity with Professors Sriram and Srinivas. He also added that the contents of this course will be brought out as a book shortly. His book on ‘Karana Paddati,’ a classic text on astronomy, is in the pipeline.
According to Prof. Ramasubramanian, all the texts on mathematics and astronomy in India have been composed in Sanskrit and in the form of verses. This was done deliberately to help readers remember. He further added that the mathematicians, after explaining a procedure to solve a problem also gave illustrative examples from day to day experience. This, according to him, made mathematics learning fun.


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