Soham Ghosh

Manager - Partnerships
Brief info

Soham is a public policy enthusiast and has studied B.Sc(H)Economics from Calcutta University and completed his Masters in Development with Specialisation in Law, Policy & Governance from Azim Premji University . He has completed PDIA 1 & 2 training program from Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in designing policy implementation frameworks for social sector organisations and government line departments.

He has worked in the social sector with grassroot organisations in collaboration with the State Govt. Line Depts in Rajasthan & West Bengal . He also has done consultancy projects for CSRs working in the domain of livelihoods, watershed development and women empowerment .

He takes interest in researching on implementation frameworks of various public policies drawing insights from best practices across the globe and effectively contextualising it to the Indian context.

By joining Rashtram, he wants to contribute towards building an ecosystem to identify ,train and give platforms to bright young minds across the country who takes interest in good governance and public leadership and would contribute to the nation building movement .


Rashtram School of Public Leadership produces ‘self-aware’ and ‘civilisationally assured’ public leaders who are nourished by Indic Knowledge traditions and systems of thought. The specific focus of the school is to prepare leaders in three domains - Academia, Politics, and Community.


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