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7th Edition - USA | September 2022 | 9 Days
Discover, Assess, and Engage with the many tenets of Good Governance in the World’s Oldest Democracy

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The World Governance Expedition (WGE) introduces international best practices in global governance and public policy to a selected cohort of young leaders from India. As a travel-based immersive programme, WGE aims to understand governance and policy models across the world and their viability in the Indian context. The World Expedition day is a 9-day extensive learning programme for future public leaders to get an exposure to global governance models and experience a foreign expert’s outlook on ground.

The foreign policy objectives of a nation can only be understood at a deeper level when an individual experiences it first-hand with its knowledge institutions, government bodies, public leaders, and visionaries. The uniqueness of this expedition lies in the process of building people to people connections across  borders  in terms of wide-ranging subject matter. This is a unique opportunity for change-makers to interact with experts in the USA, observe geopolitically crucial regions of the nation in post-COVID-19 era, and garner the best of composite knowledge on governance from the world’s most powerful country.

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9 Days | September 2022
20 Delegates
Rs 1,95,000/- (excl. 18% of taxes)

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Expedition 2022

3 Metropolitan Cities Of USA - 9 Days - 500+ Miles

WGE, in this edition, would cover the East Coast States of USA, primarily covering New York (NY city), Massachusetts (Boston), and Washington DC. The journey would be a comprehensive learning experience with projects and interaction with Ivy league academic institutions, global think tanks, cultural and historical architecture, and US political representatives.

The point of initiation of the expedition would start from Boston City, Massachusetts states. Boston city has the top academic institutions in the world, along with the presence of global firms which are the roots of the USA as a nation-state.
New York
New York City is host to offices of many international organisations, financial institutions as well as permanent missions of many countries to the UN. The city is one of the nerve centers of global governance.
Washington DC
With Capitol Hill and the White House located in Washington DC, the city is the locus of the highest level of governance functions in the US there. Also, the city plays host to numerous embassies of countries across the world.

Why The USA Expedition?

The United States of America is a 250+ years old democracy, having the best academic institutions, financial institutions, and public institutions in policy framework design and implementation. Among the various great powers over the course of history, currently, the USA is the only country that has a superpower status in the World Order. The country’s hard power prowess is still unmatched by many greatly powerful countries as it has the largest military in the world with the capacity to deter any opposition. The USA is a major trade partner with most countries in the world, thus dominating the value chains of knowledge systems, products, and services. With its economic and military might, it compliments the USA to dominate in its strategic narratives, thus dominating the public discourse. For all the facts stated above, the USA is our destination for learning the best practices of a governance model and their possible implementation in the Indian ecosystem.


Who are we looking for

Individuals working in the area of public policy or international politics.

Individuals who possess critical thinking ability with leadership potential.

Individuals who want to opt for international, travel-based, interactive learning.

Why should you apply?

Are you the right fit?

Immersive Learning

Get exposure to good governance projects across the places to be traveled. The delegates will interact in a closed-door setting that would foster questioning and critical thinking skills and allow exposure to complex case studies of public institutions, group discussions with major think tanks, public leaders, and corporates about effective functioning and execution.

Expert Interaction

Delegates will engage with experts in foreign policy and learn about executing international projects and challenges in the implementation of global policy issues. Delegates will also be able to experience cultural histories, great architectures of modern democracy, and academic libraries, thus aiding in comprehending the full picture.

Delegate Representation & Network

A group of highly enthusiastic, like-minded individuals, the delegates will interact over global policy challenges by connecting with US policy-makers, corporate leaders, and public institution representatives. A lifelong association with the Rashtram community will help them make considerable breakthroughs in their individual quests regarding global policy.

Admission Process

Steps to apply

Submit Your Application

Candidates should submit an online application by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button


Application Review

Applications shall be reviewed by our team within seven days of submission



The candidates who have cleared the first round screening will proceed to the 1-on-1 interview round


Payment of Fee

Selected candidates should pay the programme fee within the given timeline in the confirmation email.



Admissions will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis until the maximum intake.


Visa Application & Tickets

Candidates are assisted with B-1 Visa Application and the purchase of tickets.

Admission Process for Deferred Candidates

Deferred Candidates from WGE - US 2022
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to the selected candidates 
  • The admission process from Step 4 and Step 6 will remain the same.
  • First preference of selection to WGE-US 2022 will be given to deferred delegates of Europe 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Precautions to ensure the safety of all delegates and speakers
  • It is highly recommended to get vaccinated before taking any foreign flights. The vaccination certificate should be shared with RASHTRAM.
  • Candidates need to provide a medical fitness certificate.  
  • The candidate must get tested within 7 days before commencement of the programme and a covid-negative certificate must be produced.

Compulsory Wearing Of Masks

Regular Temperature Check

Sanitisation Of All Facilities

Periodic Hand Sanitisation

Access To Doctor & Counsellor

Ensuring Good Ventilation

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